The Winds Resort Beach Club Review


The Winds Resort beach Club (or “The Winds”) is an excellent vacation spot for a golfer looking to play the best greens. Rest assured that his family will also be having a great time as well!

There’s a good reason for you to choose the Winds. Aside from being a great destination, it is the highest ranked hotel on Ocean Isle Beach. This comes from consistently providing high-quality service, excellent amenities and lasting memories for all guests.

This isn’t just a place for family vacations though either. If you are traveling with a large group of golfers, 20 or more, you can play for free! There are other discounts available when staying at the Winds Resort, so make sure to ask the front desk personal prior to check-in.  Just another reason why this place has become such a popular vacation stay for golfers and non-golfers alike!

And just for kicks, heres a few examples of a fun filled day of activities that both you and your family can enjoy.

Vacation in North or South Carolina

primasol_beach_albatrosPlanning a well-deserved vacation to North or South Carolina this season? Take a long walk along the pristine, white sandy beaches or go swing your favorite golf club at some of the best known professional golf courses in the world. Enjoy the rest of your vacation overnight stays at some of most popular beach hotels and resorts in the Carolinas. Here at, we cover numerous topics and reviews of local golf courses, hotels, restraunts and popular beach resort activites located just minutes away. Sit back and relax, eat great food and watch the sunset. Choose where to spend your well-deserved break and let us do the work.


What You Should Know About Wake Surf Boarding

wake-surfing-mauiWater sports are becoming a popular sport along the beaches. They include wakeboarding, kite surfing, and wake surfing. Wake surfing is the newest water sport that has continued to attract beach goers. The sport appeals to a variety of ages because it is easy to learn and has a few challenges to people that are experienced in water sports. Wake surfing was invented from wakeboarding and is a little more daring compared to other sports in its class.

Wake surfing is somewhat similar to wakeboarding. However, it requires the surfer to trail behind the wakeboard boat. It uses a tow rope to help get the surfer on the wave. The surfer will then proceed to enjoy the wake as soon as the rope is dropped. The boat mimics the feel and the look of the actual ocean wave. This is what makes the sport a thriller. Note that there are specially designed boats that are used for wakes.

There are a multiple of companies that claim to have invented the sport. Some claim to have discovered the game in 1920s. Unfortunately, there is no credible evidence that shows wake surfing was in existence at that time.  Even though, there are print media photos and footages, which show suffers used to ride surfboards. Surfboard manufacturers started building wake boards in 1960s. In 1970s, the practice of riding surfboards was moved to a higher level. In 1980s the manufacturers started building shorter boards. With time, the boards became even shorter. Many practitioners resorted to using devices mounted to the board to help secure their feet in place.  With time, wakeboarding grew and become more appealing to the masses. This is what made the water craft industry to move forward and develop wake surfing.

Today wakeboards and inboard ski have become more popular among the youth. The risky propeller is installed under the boat and has no chance of getting into contact with the rider. Lead weights, ballasts and concrete are placed in different parts of the boat so as to weigh the boat down and create a larger wake. Most of the weight is placed at the back corner of the side one is surfing on. The deeper the boat gets into water, the bigger the overall wake. Placing a larger amount of weight on the rider’s side ramps the wake up on the rider’s side.



The wakesurfer begins by sitting in the water on a wakesurf board while holding a rope in their hands. The wakesurfer then places his feet on the top of the board while the shoulders are wide a part. One of the hands is used to hold the rope while the feet face the boat.  The boat is then forced to move forward slightly so as to take the slack out of the rope. This helps to slow down the forward motion and allows the surfer to feel the pressure and the pull. The surfer then pushes down his heels on the board’s edges. This brings the board in contact with the feet’s soles. The surfer signals for the pull. He then stands up and turns the board in the travel direction. Depending on how you want to ride, you can choose to put the left or the right foot forward. The surfer must then decide to either ride heelside or toeside. He has an option of choosing the side of the wake to ride. Beginners will choose the toeside while experienced riders will chose heelside. The boat is allowed to accelerate slowly until it attains the targeted speed. A speed of about 9 -12 miles per hour is considered ideal. However, the maximum speed you can achieve will be determined by the pitch, the shape and the length of the wake.  Once the targeted speed has been attained, the surfer regulates the pressure on the board and tosses the rope to the opposite side of the wake so that it can be retrieved by those in the boat.


Terms and Trick List

Refers to maneuvers performed by the surfers. The most common tricks include:

  • Pumping- refers to turning the board up and down so as to gain speed.
  • Stalling- Refers to applying pressure to the back foot to slow it down
  • Floater- refers to when the board and the rider floats on the top of the wake.
  • Lip slide – refers to when the board is sideways
  • wakeboardSpray- refers to gouging into the wake’s face so as to make the underneath water to spray.
  • Fire hydrant- entails taking the front foot off and placing your hand on the board.
  • Posing – doing body and hand positions while riding

Hang 5 – it is where the rider extends his toes over the board’s front.